The export of domestic paper to China, Mexico, and Ghana

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The new CEO of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Factory reported the export of their paper to China, Mexico, and Ghana while criticizing the government's support from importing paper.

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In an interview with Tasnim News Agency on the export of Iranian paper, Mohammad Sheikh Muneci, the new CEO of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Factory, said, "The company has managed to export its paper to a number of countries including Mexico and Ghana for the past few months while we have planned to export our paper to China, too." 
He added, "Regarding the export to China, fortunately the negotiation in this respect was successful and, the Chinese partner has confirmed all the quality factors of the paper produced by the company. As a result, the first export shipment of the fluting paper produced by Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industrial Co. will be dispatched to China." 
Referring to the future of the domestic paper industry, Sheikh Muneci reiterated, "The global average per capita consumption of paper is 55 Kg. The average per capita consumption of paper in Iran is 25 Kg. On one hand the amount of paper consumption is one of the indices of economical and cultural development. Therefore, regarding the 6th five-year plan of development predict the economic growth of 8 %, if the economic growth comes true, the per capita consumption of paper will have a fairly high growth in the country, and the paper production in the country will increase as per the growth of the paper consumption, accordingly."
Criticizing the excessive imports of printing and writing paper more than domestic requirements, he said, "In the category of resistance economy and its relevant indicators and criteria, I am afraid the domestic production of newsprint, printing, and writing paper has not been paid attention to, and the importing them has been strongly supported rather than producing them domestically."   
Pointing to the import tariff of paper, Sheikh Muneci said, "The total import tariffs and VAT on newsprint is 5% which is almost the lowest tariff among all countries in the world, while the least tariffs for raw materials, spare parts, and the equipment of the manufacturing factories are 14% which is completely in contract with the targets of resistance economy."

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