Indian investor left Hamadan

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Indian investor withdrew investment in Hamadan due to undisclosed reason.

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According to ISNA, In August last year, in the Public Utilities Commission of Hamadan, the members of the city council and the municipal waste management discussed the Indian investor on the execution of waste digester project in Hamadan, and the project started with Hamadan city Council approval. 
The investor of waste digester in Hamadan announced their readiness to start the project and said, "The waste digester plant will be ready with a capacity of 100 tons within two month." 
Although Hamadan waste digester plant had been started with BOT method with the finance of an Indian company and the Hamadan city council members had agreed on its implementation, the director of Hamadan municipal waste management announced the withdrawal of the investor of the project!
In an interview with ISNA, the managing director of Hamadan municipal waste management announced the Indian investor's withdrawal and said, "The plant investor withdrew the continuation of the project due to lack of economic efficiency." 
Babak Mediazad, stating that the waste digester plant is designed to produce electricity energy, said, "regarding the Ministry of Energy is the only buyer of electricity energy, and the ministry has reduced the purchasing power guaranteed price, the investor is not willing to continue the project."
He said, "At the beginning of the waste digester plant, the electricity price was 570 Tomans while it is 315 Tomans at present which is not economical for investor."
Mehdiazad noted, "Wet waste is one of main resources of producing greenhouse gas emissions. The construction of waste digester can not only control and collect the greenhouse gases but also use these gases, especially methane, to produce energy." 
Stating that 380 tons of household waste is used and dumped in Hamadan every day, he continued, "80% of the Hamadan waste is wet which produced methane gas."
The managing director of Hamadan municipal waste management said, "Also between 40 and 50 tons of the waste are recyclable, and 1200 tons of construction waste are produced in Hamadan."
Referring to three centers collecting waste paper in Hamadan, he said, "From 15 to 20 tons of cartons and cardboard, and 1.5 tons of paper from the governmental centers, offices, and schools are collected."
Hamadan City Council Vice President also said, "It has been seven months since the Indian investor went, but there is no news from him yet."
Mohammad Reza Elyassi stated that the Indian investor was planning to construct waste digester plant in Hamadan with BOT method and added, "The investor could have the approval from city council members and the municipality, and he was supposed to reach the final agreement with Electricity Company."
He added, "Based on the agreement, the Indian investor and the municipality were supposed to make a contract to implement the project, but it has been seven months since then, and the changes in electricity rate seems to be the reason for the investor's non-return, but the exact reason was not followed."
According to ISNA, on one hand the lack of economical efficiency and on the other hand the increase in electricity price is discussed as the Indian investor's withdrawal from investment in Hamadan, now it is necessary for the city council to find out the reason for the investor's withdrawal from the city project and to take action to return him."

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