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Wiltshire - Wiltshire

Field of Activity:
Buy ( Paper And Cardboard)
Single facers، Fancy Paper، A4 Printing Paper، Tissue Paper، printing paper، fluting Paper ، Adhesive Paper، paper for digital prinitng، Recycled Paper ، waste papers، carbonless paper

Buy ( wood )
Timber، plywood ، veneer، parquet، chipboard، Log wood

Trading Company ، Agent ، Manufacturer ، Distributor ، Consulting Companies

Paper and Wood Machinery
Paper Processing Machinery، Wood Processing Machinery، Second hand Machinery، Paper cutters Machinery، Paper Product Making Machinery، Packaging Machinery ، Packaging Machinery Parts، Woodworking Machinery ، Woodworking Machinery Parts، test machine، power tools

Household & Sanitary Paper
Diapers ، Adult Diapers ، Facial Tissue، Paper Napkins & Serviettes، Toilet Tissue ، Wet Wipes
Needed for a Humanitarian and poverty alleviation project
Needed for a Humanitarian and poverty alleviation project

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