How to reduce packaging costs in the Cellulose Industry?

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Selling is based on four important (P) s which are known as P4, which means:
Price – Place – Product – Promotion

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To improve selling ability you must devise a plan to fully organize and run these 4 conditions and if you sacrifice one of those four conditions, that will be your weak spot on business battlefield.
Packaging can be the most important thing which can increase or decrease your selling number and you can use all those four elements in your disposal.
So first step is to just keep reading these 4 questions and answer them and then you can read the hints below them...
1: how much are you planning to sell your product, what kind of people are your buyers?
2: where do you want to sell your product? Which market?
3: what level of quality and quantity do you have in mind?
4: what is your plan for advertising and distributing in the market?
Now find answers for those questions, and then read rest of the article.
After finding proper answers for those questions you can focus on choosing quantity, design, quality, packaging and all ...  and send them on markets.
One of the most popular wrappings in these days of cellulose industries is (Polyethylene, Polyester, Polypropylene) films and such..., but how can we manage to achieve the lowest price for packaging?
1: quantity per kilos: in advanced industrial countries it is custom that wrappings for automatic machines to be counted by metric values and for semi-auto machines or manual machines either. But in our country (Iran) wrappings are counted by kilo grams and some of the producers don’t calculate this terms and they just buy whatever the basic value the seller is offering which is usually metric .
Let’s see an example. Assume company a sells its wrappings 80.000 rails per kg and company B 76.000 rails per kg but quantity in each kilos at company A is 120 per each kilos and company B is 100 per each kilos. At first company B is 4000 rails cheaper than company A but each wrappings at company A is 100 rails better than B so in the end our product will be 100 rails BETTER for our customers.
2: Thickness: people get the wrong idea and they think if the thickness is more and more the quality is better and its harder , infect technology provides polymers with least thickness and hardness  , higher mechanical  and chemicals so at first it will harm the nature less and less and second it lowers the prices .
This technologies include films with several layers which increases the mechanical advantages such as more endurance against being torn , sewing , better print qualities and ...  but one of the ways to decrease film prices is to buy films with less thickness . Thickness increases the wastes of sewing, packaging and rapid shutdowns in auto packaging systems and it is not such good quality for sewing either. For example sewing print films or unsatisfying sewing results in decreasing the quality of your whole package which increases the end result of your product. However for some films there are exceptions for example for nylon’s standard is between 2 to 4 percent in normal.   
3: wrapper sizes that are unsuefull : wrapper must surround the product completely. One of the things you should pay attention is auto or semi-auto sewing machines, some of the producers don’t have enough information about new sewing machines or taking easy on personnel decide to add 2 to 3 cm on width of the wrapper which leads to at least 6 to 8 percent more material or more weight and decrease in number of products on the following.
 for example there are handlers for wrappers on towel or toilet tissues which makes it easier to transport and packaging such as 9 or 12 because usually bags for carrying and holding products are rarely found on markets but that doesn’t apply for 2tissues or even 4. That means the handler itself may add 22% to 28% to the weight of your product and increase its quantity per kilos which saves good amount of money in a year.
4: proper coloring : more colors doesn’t mean more prettier always , besides decreasing in number of colors can save some money on basic and cylinder and  unimportant prices . of course that doesn’t mean if a product is about to be printed in 8 colors , be printed in 6 instead due to printer being unable to do it , because it may decrease the brightness and glossy features of your product . What’s important is for design to be simple and clean and understanble, with elegance and enough colors.
5: choosing the right kind of print: this one can cost uncompensation amount of money for the producer. For example printing on nylon or CPP usually is done by flexo or stereotypy, because the films have about 400% more length and width but in flexo because of the special design that it has it makes this machine to be perfect for this job.  However it’s been seen in some cases that the Hilu is being printed like a cylinder too. maybe in low quantity its possible but in large quantities it causes designs to get blurry , top of the prints change their places , patterns and more print wastes and in the end you must pay all the prices for making a cylinder and then go back to Flexo .
6: quality needed for printable wrappings: wrappings must be user friendly, operators, personnel and machines work with full potential without any troubles. quantity must be so precise that your products wouldn’t need to be kept in the market for so long or in the store and not too low in quantity that you need to add another operator to your production line only to open the wrappings or sewing quality being inappropriate to decrease the production and increase the prices and also to have the least wastes between layers as possible, so it’s easier to separate good wrappings from bad wrappings and the ending price will be lower too.
7: speed in taking orders : it is recommended that always work with print houses that have all the rights or at least have the machines to print with 8 colors ,build several layer films , high speed sewing and cutting machines  because if wrappers don’t reach you in time you might lose market opportunities and of course  it will be very hard to take back the lost market indeed .

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