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Before using this site, please consider the below conditions:  
Information, News, Articles & other subjects are for private use and non-commercial. You must not use them for selling or producing other subjects or for creating traffic in your site.  
  • If you’re willing to use them for commercial use, you need to contract us and make a contract with 
  • We may limit or expand our services or change our terms of services, without informing you in advance.
  • We have no responsibility about validity, contents & completeness or legitimacy of the sites you can link from this site.
  • The article writers are accountable for the correctness of articles printed in this site.
  • In order to connect the writers, you can find their e-mail at the bottom of each article.
  • You should be aware of every kind of damage which can happen for your P.C by virus or something else; it is due to using files or downloads them. Not to mention you are responsible for this matter.

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