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The innovation concerns a sizing additive that SCA has developed to improve the production of water resistant, hydrophobic, paper. The additive can be produced in a green sustainable manner.

Stating that price stability on the market will contribute to the boom of the production sector, the head of the paper and cardboard union said, “The manufacturers who are facing problem purchasing raw materials prefer not to buy until the market is stabilized which has caused stagnation on the market.”

it is essential for the importers to submit commitment to distribute

The Press General Directorate and the domestic news agencies reported the cooperation agreement made between five private companies and the press deputy to supply journal paper.

According to Chahar Mahal Bakhtiyari Governor, the government’s core policy focuses on knowledge-based projects, and the core purpose of the knowledge- based plans is to create employment and to complete the production chain.

Managers and the active people in industries and economy believe that it is possible to both improve the capabilities of industries and have a market share in the global markets by supporting small enterprises properly and professionally.

The parliament representative of the people in Assadabad said, “The largest stone paper factory with the production capacity of 20 thousand tons and an investment of 100 billion Tomans will be built in this town.”

The managing director of Fars Industrial Parks Company announced the establishment of a large industrial plant of paper making from calcium carbonate with the participation of IDRO in the province.

Today we are facing serious problems with registering order and importing different types of cardboard including grey back, FBB, white back and glossy, and if no solution to import this commodity is thought of in near future, we will face crisis in this field.

Stating, “If the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad allows to harvest wood from broken trees of the forest, we will experience the production of 100 thousand tons of paper.”, the deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance said, “We allocated 270 million Euros for the imports of paper when the exchange rates changed in the recent months.”

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