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Referring to the Supreme Leader’s order on organizing the paper market, the Head of the Union of Paper and cardboard Vendors talked about the letter sent to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance on how to implement the Supreme Leader’s order.

passing from the status of production & imports to the status of production & exports

The primary condition of the boom in production is the improvement of the business atmosphere which is the most important factor of creating liquidity, working capital and supplying raw materials for production units.

We made a mistake in managing the paper crisis.

While the crisis of the shortage and the costly price of paper caused the consumers to face serious problems last year, the head of the Syndicate of Iranian Paper and Cardboard Manufactures believes that the entry of the new shipments of imported paper to the country can solve the problems of paper supply on the market.

In case of paper, eight importing companies are being pursued, with the exception of the two main culprits who have escaped, seventeen ones are in custody.

Six large industrial plants were opened simultaneously.

The deputy of Mazandaran Environment Organization said, “Planting seedlings is a step to meet the requirements of wood and paper industries and should be expanded.”

Although the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance will decide on the new rate of paper price for supply and demand, profit seeking on paper market is rising on the eve of the Book Fair.

The head of Industrial Commission of the Chamber of Commerce and the head of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers deemed the lack of supervision, the difficulties of customs clearance of goods and the sanctions as the most important reasons of high paper price.

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