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The managing director of the Iran Association of Managers of the Carton and Corrugated Sheet Industry said, "The change in the exchange rate over the past year and a half has changed the policy of 25 percent of packaging industries which use plastic rather than cartons.

The cultural commission spokesman of the parliament announced the formation of a committee in the commission to investigate the paper crisis and said, "Some responsible entity for paper throw the ball of paper crisis in one another's court."

The director of the 2nd Paper and Cardboard Exhibition said, "The exhibition can lead to the growth and the development of cellulose industry at the national and international level by making an appropriate background."

A paper importer, pointing to the decrease in the world paper price in recent months, did not consider the concerns about the cut in paper imports from China important and said, "China has only reduced its export capacity because of the increased domestic consumption."

The 2nd International Specialized Exhibition of Paper, Cardboard and Cellulose Industries started today (Tuesday) in the presence of the deputy industrial and commercial ministers of The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and some managers from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the heads of the paper and cardboard production and distribution unions and associations.

The deputy of industrial department of the Industry, Mine and Trade Minister considered the raw materials as one of the problems of paper and cardboard manufacturing industry.

The production plant of entire Iranian thermal roll was opened in Nazar Abad with the goal of competing the similar foreign product and adjusting the market price.

Over a thousand ton of paper has been allocated to publishers since June 22nd.

With the rise of paper price on July 2, each ream of 70 gram writing paper of 4.5 sheets is dealt at 520 thousand Tomans on the market.

The economic coordination deputy of Mazandaran province said, "The Wood and Paper Industries of the province as the largest governmental industry have the accumulated losses of 236 billion Tomans.

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