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A review on the official statistics indicates that in the first month of this year, China was the leading country both in the export to and import from Iran, and most Iran's exports belonged to this country.

Stating that island approach cannot be effective, Roghani said, "Paying attention merely to production cannot be considered an important factor of economic growth."

The researchers achieved a new way to extract carbon fiber from paper and bio-fuel wastes

The first paper making factory from calcium carbonate rocks was inaugurated in Shabestar city in the presence of the governor of East Azerbaijan province and other provincial officials.

Referring to the unhealthy competition of the State with the private sector, the chairman of the Tehran Chamber of Investment said, “The government should accomplish its duties such as financing and implementing the infrastructure instead of competing unequally with the private sector.”

Since the highest amount of the produced dry waste is paper and paper products in the city, the organization is in charge of collecting waste paper from governmental and private offices and agencies.

The 23rd International Exhibition of Food and Agricultural Industries was inaugurated in Baku with the participation of 100 companies from 28 countries including Iranian companies on Wednesday evening.

The CEO of Lorestan Industrial Towns Co. announced the establishment of a rock terminal in the province.

The communication and media expert and the university professor pointed out the importance of the broadband in the 11th Cabinet and said, "Live webcast of the candidates' campaigns and othe programs on TV is the phenomenon of this election.

Academic researchers have made a kind of paper that produces plasma. The dangerous bacteria can be destroyed by using this paper as coatings on the clothes and equipment.

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