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Stating that the country requires 2 million tons of paper, the managing director of industrial parks in Alborz province, said, "The imports of paper to the country is one million and 300 thousand tons."

A wood expert said, "Iran has become self-sufficient in producing compressed wood bindings, and more production capacity has been created than the domestic demand."

The Deputy Khorasan Razavi's Governor in the coordination of economic affairs and the development of human resources said, "Organizing the subsidies and preventing the imports of goods which can be domestically manufactured are the two core tasks which should be implement by the Cabinet and the parliament with serious determination."

The Deputy Minister of Industry in Management development, Resources and Provincial Affairs said, "22000 industrial units which were about to be shut down return to production cycle, and this year 30000 industrial units which are about to be shut down will be active

The managing director of Kurdistan industrial parks said, "Te opening of the multi-ply carton making and packaging plant in Bijar industrial park in Kurdistan province coincided the occasion of marking the Cabinet Week."

In a meeting with the Member of Parliament Commission of Industries, Gholamreza Shoja emphasized, "I am afraid 30 thousand people working in the field of printing have been redundant and unemployed due to the wrong policies of the 10th Cabinet and lack of adequate attention of the 11th Cabinet for the last 10 years."

With the presence of the Economic and Commercial Deputy of the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade the 1000 ton cold storage project of Panda Mihan Company was opened in Kurdistan.

The director of the public relations at the International Packaging & Printing Exhibition announced the change in the opening date of the exhibition.

The representative of Tafresh, Ashtian, and Farahan in the parliament said, "The private sector's investments in production and employment should be supported, and the Cabinet should facilitate the conditions for the increase in these measures."

The Wheels of Ghaemshahr Paper Industries, as one of the well-known and important factories in cellulose industries of the country, which has stopped since the early 21 century, reopened with an investment of 70 billion Rials in the Cabinet's Week.

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