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The head of the Union of Binders said, “The price of paper has not changed, and we have not experience the increase in paper price.”

The advisor to the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade said, “16 thousand and 700 billion Toman of facilities have been paid to 14 thousand and 300 manufacturing plants to boost the production in the country.”

The monograph of the Cooperative Company of the Association of Carton and Sheet Executives was published.

The Nationwide Printers Union representative said, “The tariff of paper imports will not increase in 2017 with the approval of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.”

General Director of Isfahan customs said, " Iraq has been the most important target country for the exports of Isfahan products since 10 months ago."

The new CEO of Mazandaran Wood & Paper Factory reported the export of their paper to China, Mexico, and Ghana while criticizing the government's support from importing paper.

The foreign Merchants with tourist visas start doing business in Iran

The inspector of the Tehran Union of Publishers and Bookstore said, "The publication sector also paid the compensation of the country situation under the condition of imposed sanctions, but nowadays the publishers can easily import paper which became possible after JCPOA."

An Investing Company CEO said, "The impact of JCPOA on investment market and removal of sanctions will appear in a long time, so we should be optimistic about the future of stock exchange.

The representative of paper consumers of the country said, “At present, paper market is calm, but the Cabinet wants to disrupt it. If they want to continue to be stubborn and keep on increasing the tariff, we definitely promise to boycott the domestic production.”

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