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The technical service and commercial deputy of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, stating that the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade is in charge of approving the cards issued by Iran's Chamber of Commerce, said, "Those who are behind one-time cards are mostly state-owned, pseudo governmental, and affiliated companies to foundations."

If the promises are fulfilled, we will return to previous procedure in 4 months.

At the meeting of the members of the Specialized Organization of Paper, Cardboard, and Cellulosic products, some problems in the trade of paper types were pointed to, and the necessity to pay attention to technical and specialized knowledge at customs and the exact monitoring the type of imported product in compliance with commodity tariffs were emphasized.

At the meeting of the Director General of Iranian Trade Development Organization with the Specialized Organization of Paper, Cardboard, and Cellulosic products, the issues including the paper market, the quantity of production, the domestic demand, the market, the import sources, the dominant bank arrangements, the international and domestic price of products were discussed.

Explaining the latest developments in the trade between Iran and China, the Vice president of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce said, "Due to the decrease in the prices of oil and raw materials in the world, the trend of trade between Iran and China has declined for the last three years."

The port and maritime director of Amirabad special economic zone said, "The amount of investment in this port has already reached one thousand and 150 million Tomans, and 31 contracts have been made.”

The book of Export Import Regulations was published was printed and published with new amendments approved by the Cabinet of Ministers with delay.

This year, the International Standard Day will be globally introduced with an Iranian's poster design.

Isfahan Customs General Director said, "20 thousand and 526 tons of goods arrived at Isfahan Customs, which increased by 18% in weight and 65% in value compared to the same period of the previous year."

The project of Isfahan Printing & Publishing Park is stopped at present. It was hard for some people active in printing and publishing to leave the city in the current economic conditions and move to the park. On the whole, we left the decision to the active business people of printing and publication.

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