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A meeting was held on reviewing the development plan of domestic production capabilities with the view on exports and 11 billion dollar increase to support it.

Tehran (ISNA) – The 12th edition of Iran’s International Exhibition of Plastics, Rubber, Machinery and Equipment (Iran Plast 2018) kicked off on Monday at Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds, Shana reported.

The head of the Assciation of Paper and Cardboard Importers stated, “Given the imported tonnage and the tonnage recorded for imports, there will be no shortage of printing paper and writing paper in the country.” and said, “It will be realized when the Central Bank honors its pledge.”

Romanian corrugated cardboard maker S.C. Ambro has announced it launched an investment worth some RON 50 million (€11 million) to upgrade its production facility in Suceava, in the country’s north-eastern part

Boise Cascade Company has entered into an agreement with Woodgrain Millwork to sell its northeast Oregon lumber mills in Pilot Rock and La Grande and the particleboard operations in Island City.

The Central Bank announced the terms of returning the foreign currencies earned from exporting goods by exporters.

The innovation concerns a sizing additive that SCA has developed to improve the production of water resistant, hydrophobic, paper. The additive can be produced in a green sustainable manner.

Stating that price stability on the market will contribute to the boom of the production sector, the head of the paper and cardboard union said, “The manufacturers who are facing problem purchasing raw materials prefer not to buy until the market is stabilized which has caused stagnation on the market.”

it is essential for the importers to submit commitment to distribute

The Press General Directorate and the domestic news agencies reported the cooperation agreement made between five private companies and the press deputy to supply journal paper.

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