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The head of the Environmental Organization called for a reduction in paper consumption at the universities of the country.
Feed: 2945 - Date: 2/18/2019 - Views: 60

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Science, Research and Technology and the chairman of the Board of Founder and Trustees of the Islamic Azad University, the head of the Environmental Organization called for a reduction in paper consumption at the universities of the country.
According to ISNA quoting from the informative website of the Protection of Environment Organization, ISA Kalantar said in his letter, “As per the Paragraph 4.2 of the Article 2 of the executive regulations of Para. Z of Article 38 of the Sixth Development Plan, all the executive organization and non-governmental public institutions and entities are required to reduce paper consumption concerning the type of their activities to realize the targets of green management plan.”
“Given the high number of the postgraduate students in master’s degree and Ph.D. degree who are required to publish their theses/ dissertations in at least 3 to 4 copies, only on the face of the sheets, and concerning all activities of the universities appear on their websites, it is suggested that only one copy of the theses / dissertations be printed, preferably on both sides of the sheets, to be submitted to the central library of the universities, and the other copies be submitted on the CDs because universities have always been and will be pioneers in all developments and changes of the social attitudes in the country.”
“Undoubtedly, in order to protect forests and to reduce the consumption of forest resources for pulp production as well as to solve the current crisis of paper and the foreign currency problems, this approach can definitely have remarkable impact when it takes place collaboratively.”
“Therefore, I will appreciate it if you kindly arrange everything so that this change of the approach will be come true and spread to other different sections of the country. I will be grateful if you kindly let me know the measures taken in this regard.”

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