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The Paper and Cardboard Syndicate’s M.O.M on Jan. 23, 2019
Feed: 2938 - Date: 1/30/2019 - Views: 104

On the mentioned date, a meeting was held with the participation of the manufacturers of packaging paper and the following participants.
After hearing the talks of all production units, both large and small ones, stating their views on the production and the prospect of the industry and the events of waste paper market, the below decisions were made:
1. Importing waste paper should be seriously followed up by the large units. Meanwhile it was suggested that regarding the ease of the conditions for temporary imports, the definite imports of wastepaper should be made by using this advantage so that the exports will be further developed.
2. The waste paper price (with at most 10% moisture and waste) should be determined at 17000 IR Rials when it is delivered to the buyer, and all the units should adhere to it. In the meantime, the units should not reduce the sales price until further notice.
All the managers of the units were committed to comply with the provisions of the Minutes of the Meeting.
In addition, other colleagues who failed to attend the meeting were requested to comply with the recent Minutes of the Meeting.
3. The instructions on inspecting and controlling the waste paper and setting the standards will be determined by the Syndicate.

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