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The paper price on the free market has exceeded 300 thousand Tomans.
Feed: 2937 - Date: 1/30/2019 - Views: 93

The price of printing and writing paper on the free market has exceeded 300 thousand Tomans and reached at 306 thousand Tomans.
According to the cultural reporter of Pouya Journalists Club, the paper experienced an increase in the price last week and exceeded 300 thousand Tomans. As per the report, each ream of 70 grammage of Indonesian paper is sold at 306 thousand Tomans; meanwhile experts predict that the rising trend of paper price will continue until the end of the year.
According to many experts, the lack of paper supply in the market and the tendency of consumers to buy paper from the distribution system of the Ministry of Guidance has caused the unprecedented expensation of paper market freed.
The paper distribution system, which has been active since a few months ago, has accepted to lead the paper distribution among publishers at around one third of the market price. Although the paper distribution volume of the system is with the method of dripping, it has managed to meet the publishers’ needs to some extent. The paper distribution system has again started distributing 200 tons of paper among publishers this week.
The slow distribution of paper among publishers is due to the shortage of paper imports resulted from going through the complex administrative procedures between the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and reaching the Central Bank barrier to receive the foreign currency which has not helped the importers so much in the last few months because they pay other foreign currencies rather than Euro.

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