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Paper export restrictions will be eliminated/ The target is to produce more than the domestic requirements.
Feed: 2936 - Date: 1/30/2019 - Views: 88

The industrial deputy of the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, while considering the challenges and the problems faced by paper and carton industry, announced the arrangements to remove the ban of exporting paper.
According to Mehr News quoting IRIB, in the joint meeting of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers and the Association of Carton and Sheet Managers and with the presence of Mr. Niazi, the General Manager of Import and Export Regulations Bureau of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Farshad Moghimi said, “The domestic paper industry has been in a proper conditions in the field of production, and regarding the emphasis of experts organizations of the industry on having price stability on the market and producing more than domestic requirements, new decisions have been made about paper which will remove the export restrictions of this product.”
The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, referring to the necessity to plan for the prospect of this industry, added, “The prediction of the paper industry situation requires the accurate information presented by the experts syndicate and organizations, and the concerns in this industry should be informed by the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers and the Association of Carton and Sheet Managers to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade as soon as possible.”
Pointing to the increase in production and exports in this section, he said, “There are the required background for the increase in the production capacity, and the experts organization can offer their specialized suggestions with practical solution so that a comprehensive plan can be made based on the expertise reports to improve the paper industry in cooperation with the syndicate and the Chamber of Commerce.”
Mentioning the formation of export management companies in developing exports of the industry as an effective measure, Moghimi added, “With regard to the existing capacities, the manufacturers can solve a significant part of the concerns related to paper exports by establishing export management companies.”
Further emphasizing on facilitating the process of supplying raw materials of the industry, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said, “Considering the dependence of the paper industry on wastepaper and the insufficient domestic wastepaper to meet the entire country’s requirements, facilitating the import and export conditions and eliminating the manufacturers’ problems with some of the rule and regulations of the Environmental Organization will be followed up.”
Moghimi added, “Paper syndicate is one of the united organizations which can centrally import raw materials, and the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade also announce its readiness to cooperate with the syndicate.”
The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said, “Manufacturers can receive their required raw materials by aggregating the imports of raw materials and reducing their cost price.”
Regarding the return of the foreign currencies resulted from exports to the economic cycle and the supply of the foreign currencies for imports, Moghimi added, “The manufacturers can spend the foreign currencies resulted from exports on importing raw materials. Fulfilling this policy not only returns the foreign currencies to the country but also the raw materials required by the industry will be supplied.”
Announcing the Ministry readiness to help the industry on supplying working capital and facilitating the process of imports, he said, “Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade will support the industry to solve the production problems and improve its conditions.”
Pointing to the problems at customs which was discussed by manufacturers, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade added, “Two meetings of the National Work Group were dedicated to facilitate the elimination of production barriers and the problems at customs. The discussed problems will be finalized in the third meeting.”
Moghimi said, “In the meetings of eliminating the problems at customs, we found them in six categories and 35 items one of which is the problems raised by TSC and valuation system.”
He added, “In order the resolve customs issues, the required information on export price base should be presented by paper and carton manufacturers to the Deputy of Industrial Affairs for correction.”
In this meeting, the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers and the Association of Carton and Sheet Managers pointed to issues like the prolonged process of clearing raw materials from customs and their dissatisfaction with the environmental rules and regulations about importing raw materials.”
The existence of export restrictions and the possibility of losing the export market, The problems with returning foreign currencies resulted from exports and the way in which foreign currencies are dedicated to import raw materials, the reduction of paper production capacity due to the accumulation of products in warehouses and the surplus production which is more than domestic requirements were other issues discussed by the specialized organizations, and the decisions were made to eliminate these problems.”

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