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The details of the budget 98 (2019)/ Iran
Feed: 2928 - Date: 1/8/2019 - Views: 93

the cancellation of tax exemptions for the exporters who do not return the foreign currency earned from exports.
The tax exemptions for the exporters who do not return the foreign currency earned from exports were removed in the next year’s budget bill.
 According to Tasnim News Agency’s economic reporter, as per the budget bill proposed by the government to the parliament, no zero rate and tax exemptions for the revenues from exports of goods and services, including non-oil products, agricultural products and raw materials, as well as the refund of the taxes and duties of Article 13 of the Value Added Tax Act will not be applied to their performance in 2018 and 2019 in case the foreign currency earned from exports is not returned to the country’s economic cycle as per the regulations announced by the Central Bank. 
The duration of refund Taxes and value added charges in Article 34 of the Law on Eliminating Barriers of Competitive Production and the Promotion of the Financial System of the Country approved in 2015 is announced one month from the date the foreign currency has been returned to domestic economic cycle by the Organization of Tax Affairs and as per the mentioned regulations.

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