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Alamout Paper Company after six years of closure
Feed: 2927 - Date: 1/8/2019 - Views: 113

Alamout Paper Company will be launched in next month after six years of closure, under the new name of “Kian Almas Alamout” with the capacity of employing 700 people.
According to Qazvin IRIB News Agency, the economic deputy of Qazvin’s governor said, “The company is about to launched again following six years of closure due to the provincial authorities’ follow-up, the special cooperation of executive entities and with new investment.”
Manuchehr Habibi added, “The only remaining problem of Kian Almas Alamout Co. is the Social Security Organization which is also resolving with the cooperation of provincial managers of social security, and the company will be completely launched with a month.”
Stating that the launch of a manufacturing factory will lead to people’s satisfaction while creating new occupations, he said, “When the company is fully launched, 700 people will be employed.”

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