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Iran Plast 2018 hosting exhibitors from 15 countries
Feed: 2909 - Date: 9/30/2018 - Views: 177

Tehran (ISNA) – The 12th edition of Iran’s International Exhibition of Plastics, Rubber, Machinery and Equipment (Iran Plast 2018) kicked off on Monday at Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds, Shana reported.
According to the exhibition’s director Reza Khalaj, exhibitors from 15 different countries including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus, Belgium, Serbia, Thailand, Greece, India, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, Taiwan and South Korea are gathering along with Iranian participants to showcase their latest products and achievements in this year’s event.
According to the official, Iran Plast international exhibition is aiming to provide a platform for the country’s plastics industry in reaching the global markets.
Various meetings as well as four conferences with the presence of domestic and foreign trade unions and companies active in the plastic industry are also scheduled to be held on the sidelines of the exhibition.
“Over 230 individual visitors from 22 different countries including Syria, United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Canada and Colombia along with 15 economic delegations from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Turkey, Tunisia, Kenya, India and Sri Lanka are invited to attend the exhibition”, Khalaj said.
The four-day event is expected to wrap up on Thursday, September 27.

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