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Utilizing paper manufactured domestically in production of textbooks
Feed: 2679 - Date: 1/9/2017 - Views: 305

The vice president of the Educational Research and Planning Organization said, "The Paper domestically produced according to the quality standards are used to produce textbooks."
In an interview with the reporter of Young Reporters Club in the field of education and training of medical science group on the quality of the paper used for textbooks, Hossein Talaei, the vice president of the Educational Research and Planning Organization, said, "In the line with the policy of resistance economy in textbook production, the domestically produced paper has replaced foreign paper." 
He continued, "Of course before utilizing this kind of paper, pre-test will be carried out to determine the required quality."
Emphasizing that the paper should meet the minimum standardsTalaei stated, "These criteria include the whiteness of paper, its thickness, lack of lint on the paper to prevent students from being hurt, the compactness of the tissues in the paper, etc." 
Stating that the quality of the domestically produced paper is less than the foreign type, the vice president of the Educational Research and Planning Organization noted, "If students have problems with the quality of the paper, the Educational Research Organization will immediately follows up the case." 

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