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farnaam tejarat emroz
Location: Iran - tehran
import and export

Location: CHINA - CHINA
We are the manufacturer who is specializing in producing various kinds of fancy paper such as corrugated paper,crumpled paper, pearl luster paper,paper rope,faux leather paper,colored paper,embossed paper, hot stamping papaer, which can be widely used in gift packing, book binding ,box pasting ,envelope, wedding card making, flower packing and so on.

Location: algeria - algeria

carton mashhad
Location: iran - iran

Location: Iran - tehran

Location: CHINA - CHINA
Foshan Huafeng Paper Co.,Ltd is the leading quality coated duplex board producer in south China area at present ,with annual production capacity of up to 130,000 tons .   The company introduces complete set of state–of–the-art papermaking equipment from Germany , with papermaking width of 4.26m , the best in the industry in China . The company also introduded soft calender from Germany Kuster , high speed cutter from American willpemco and fiber material processing line from American BC , which are leading in china . The main flow of the production line adopts the international advanced microcomputer control technology ,which ensures high automation , high and stable quality . The qualily products have good printing and post processing adaptability , ideal for production of environment-friendly packaging  At present , the main product of the company is the quality coated duplex board , which is a key product under encouragement of the state . The product weight is designated to be 250g/m2~500g/m2 , with three categories of products including international general plate board , plate board as per customers’ required sizes and web .The products are extensively applied for packaging in home appliances, wine, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, products, toy , foodstuff , beverage, illumination ,daily articles and ceremics etc , adopted by many domestic and foreign famous brands like national ,Aiwa ,Sharp ,Epson ,Citizen, Philips, BBK Electronics ,TCL ,Galanz , Midea ,Swarovski ,Kraft , Cola Cola, Wu-Liang-Ye ,Xiang-jiu-Guai etc. Foshan huafeng paper Co., Ltd is the first coated duplex board producer to be ISO9002 certified in south China area, which further improves the company product quality and environment protection level . Following hi-tech and scale economy development , Huafeng will provide quality and perfect services to the customers to create better economic and social effects . ●Foshan Huafeng Paper Co.,Ltd

Location: CHINA - CHINA

iran karton
Location: iran - iran

alamout group
Location: iran - iran
pls call day time

Perfect Trade
Location: Egypt - Egypt
We are Importers for all kinds of paper and export paper productions

Yekta Hami Private Limited
Location: Iran - Iran
Supplier of Raw material to wood and paper industry, according to their demand.

Location: Syria - Syria
kraft liner

New trading system for the International Market Dear Customer, Now you do not need to lose more money with Trades Broker frauds and dreamers. We created a new system for TRADE SERVICE to put together the Supplier with the importer. Our company open the market, providing the names of suppliers, prices, freight costs and all your expenses to facilitate imports from Brazil. Our company GROUP INTERNATIONAL COMMODITY EXPORTS IMPORTS LTDA is pleased to offer our services to trade IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE SERVICE. With 10 years of experience in the market, we are ready to serve our customers in the area International, putting our experience and credibility to the good relationships business with the customers, supply and involved. Operating Cost: 1. The administrative fee ranges from 4% to 8%, depending on the degree, risk and value of the export or import, including all service marketing, international contracts, contacts via e-mail, fax, phone, visit and use our RADAR ORDINARY ( Federal authorization to Export and Import ). 2. Service Courier highly qualified with experience of 30 years in the international market. With the low cost of USD 300.00 per RE ( export register) + Rate union. A spreadsheet will be provided with all costs of loading or unloading of goods, release, taxes, transportation and logistics for the CONTRACTOR can evaluate the total cost of the operation. 3. Logistics and Storage with scope Alfandegado and Redex, facilitating the release of the load without loss of time and saving the costs customs, in line with cost of the volume stored. 4. Travel the visit of customers or international fairs, will be the cost of CONTRACTOR. 5. Closing of Exchange through our banks with operational cost of IOF(federal tax) + 2% TX ADM. We await your contact as soon as possible by e-mail for future negotiations. We are ready and open to clarify any doubts and to collaborate with the economic and financial growth of your company. Best Regard, Carlos Alberto Spina Jr. Diretor Internacional - -

Location: Vienna - Vienna

call only at office hours

Gharb Carton
Location: Iran - Kermanshah

ifekris & co
Location: cote d';ivoire - cote d';ivoire
my name is robinson i am looking for my partner

Location: iran - esfehan
different kind of paper tube and also paper

Majid Solhchi
Location: iran - iran
importation and distribution of paper and board

20 of total 45 items; Page: 1 of 3
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