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In the Name of God, the Unique the Almighty
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My best regards and respect to all stakeholders in the country’s cellulose industries
My best regards and respect to all stakeholders in the country’s cellulose industries
And I am grateful and say hello to all my dear colleagues in carton and corrugate industries, especially the respected members of the board of directors at the Association of Directors of Carton and Corrugate Industries of the Country and the members of the board of the Cooperative of the Association. I hope the coming year will a good year with plenty of consolidations between the members of the boards of directors and the esteemed Board of the Director of the Syndicate of Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers.
I try to remind the positive points of 1397 (last year) through which we eventually managed to get over numerous strange and odd obstacles and hindrances and pass through impasses caused by unfair foreign and domestic sanctions with our unity and collaboration and the Industry Ministry’s cooperation.
However, let’s promise to be together and not forget that no one except our guild will support us whether we are paper makers or corrugate manufacturers or carton makers, and if we are not united in the sensitive time, it will not be beneficial for cellulose industries.
I request our members insistently to be together and not to let disputes separate us and try to solve the problems among ourselves and keep our unity.
I take the opportunity to congratulate you all, my dear friends on the New Year and wish you all a life with dignity’
Sincerely Yours,

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