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At present, enjoying two production lines of 120 & 220- centimeter sheet making, the company has the ability to produce 3-ply and 5-ply sheets and cartons with E, B, and C flutes.

Rasha Caspian Iranians Paper Making Company received its establishment license from the Organization of Industry, Mine, and Trade in Zanjan Province in March 2014 in order to produce different types of packaging paper.

Carton Machine industrial group has 34 years of experience in designing ,manufacturing and installing cardboard production lines and related equipment

Mr. Tahmasebi managing of director carton and corrugating industries cooperative

pars paper industries group established in 1346 in northern Khuzestan in 1349 as the first unit producing paper from virgin pulp came into operation.

In a purposeful and customer-oriented move, especially in recent years, Towhid Carton Production Company has tried to promote the quality of its products. The following activities are indicative of such claim:

World of adhesives
is a privately managed chemical production company, situated in Essen, Germany

Niklakett Medium Plus Reliable, functional & balanced Niklakett Medium Plus – the contemporary medium

We protect against wind, water, fire and earth Dr. Jürgen Betz Teheran, October 2015

Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH Arthur ERDEM | Marketing & Corporate Communications
Teheran in October2015

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