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The recycling of waste paper has been long established as an environmentally friendly and especially cost-effective method in paper production.

By taking a broad view, combined with detailed process knowledge and modern tools, troublesome Yankee problems can usually be solved quite rapidly

With today’s increasingly high energy and chemical costs and stringent environmental regulations, the need for improved recovery of chemicals from the pulp and paper making process has become a critical economic factor in the industry. It is essential that mills maximise steam and power production capacity, reduce recirculating chemical dead loads, and minimise chemical losses.

New patented embossing roll gives higher converting speeds while reducing differences between sides and increasing roll firmness

Therefore, a fundamental goal of tissue product development is to move beyond the existing strength/softness relationship for a given process (shown in the black line below), and to obtain improved softness with less of a penalty to strength, or even better, with no loss in strength (as indicated by the red line).

Processing Recycle-Based Fibers for Tissue & Towel HUGH BUSINESS …

For tissue paper products, the process of creping is what gives the sheet the required lower density and increased caliper, as well as numerous other desirable properties. This article examines the basic mechanics of the conventional dry-crepe process, the technology which is used for the majority of the world’s tissue manufacture.

Dry-crepe tissue technology, which involves pressing of the sheet when it is in a wet state, is the most common method of tissue manufacture. This is often called the “conventional” process because of its widespread use throughout the world .

The paper making has grown very well in Iran over the past few years so that the current capacity of the installed paper making machinery in Iran reaches around 3,500,000 tons.

Iran has exported 27,000 tons of carton box within 9 months.

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